0707 is a UI/UX and web design agency in Philadelphia.

Our Capabilites

User Experience

When it comes to the user experience takeaway of your digital product, there can be only one of the two possibilities – a great experience or a drab. As a progressive UI design agency, our UI/UX design efforts encompass mobile app design, digital product design and experience design because that’s how we touch lives, one design at a time.

Web Design

We’re a web design company that believes crafting unique brand stories is the key to an unforgettable user experience, followed by guaranteed conversion. And making that happen are our web designers breathing life into any digital device, whether through responsive web design, landing page design or eCommerce website design.

Full Stack Development

We’re a seasoned web development company with front end development and back-end development capabilities in our arsenal to back up clients of any size. Every full stack developer in our agency has years of mobile app development, eCommerce website development and iOS app development in their enriching careers.

Digital Marketing

Think of us not as the digital marketing company that took care of a job and went it's own way. We'll dive so deep into online marketing, digital strategy, digital analytics and SEO services for you that we’ll become an extended member of your professional family – one that you can’t do without.


When we say we’re into branding, we don’t mean creating just about some passable logo design or visual design to draw a momentary ‘wow’ from your visitors. Ours is a creative mission of brand strategy, communication strategy and design collective to give you a brand identity that gets and stays implanted in their minds.

Expertise. Passion. Care

Partner with us and tap into over a decade of expertise, ingenuity and tireless passion for turnkey solutions. We truly transform businesses with the power of intelligent design, robust engineering & strategic marketing.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do website design and UI/UX design services cost?

Since every business has its own vision and unique set of requirements, we price our web design services and UX design services based on the scope of the project, the set timeframe and the size of the team we allocate for it. But to offer you a fair idea of an average web design cost or UI/UX design project cost, below are some high level breakdowns:

  • Informational or corporate websites built on one of our semi custom themes with a WordPress content management system cost anywhere between $10,000-$25,000.
  •  Theme based eCommerce website designs built on our semi-custom Shopify and WooCommerce themes have a project cost anywhere between $20,000-$100,000.
  • Custom web design and UI/UX design projects like custom eCommerce web design, custom corporate website design, mobile app design or software interface design services typically start at around $100,000.
  • UI and UX design projects like rapid prototyping, creating UX design systems, etc. typically range between $5,000-$25,000. These can be used to give a facelift or bring standardization and design scalability to existing websites or website redesign projects.

As a website design and UI/UX agency, we do offer the following pricing models to our clients for their website design or UI/UX design projects:

  1. Fixed price

    We will agree on a fixed scope for web design or UX design.

    This model is best suited for limited or well-defined web design or UX design project scope where there is less probability for a scope creep or major changes. We do however, leave room for some flexibility through a scope change process.

  2. Time and money

    We agree on hourly rates varying between $150-250/hr depending on the skillset needed for your web design projects or UI/UX project.

    This model is best suited for website projects with high level of complexity where defining the exact scope of your website design and development project is difficult at the start of engagement.

  3. Staff Augmentation

    Our agency offers staff augmentation services using which you can hire and manage a dedicated team of website designers, UX designers, web developers, SEO consultants and content writers to have complete control over your design & development team.

    This model is well suited for our enterprise clients or well-funded startups that could benefit from a dedicated team’s reliability and consistency. We can offer a team of a web designer, a full stack web developer or a frontend and backend developer for new website design, existing website redesign or even website maintenance projects.

    Please contact us to discuss the pricing for our staff augmentation services that will best serve your project.

What kind of projects do we focus on?

As a web design agency and a UX agency we cater to a wide range of digital product design requirements across multiple business sectors. Some of our focus areas as a web design and UX design agency are:

  1. Custom website designs for Corporate / Informational websites powered by WordPress CMS or our very own home grown headless CMS. We offer WordPress theme customization services and UX design system creation along with digital branding services to complete the package.
  2. Custom eCommerce website designs built on Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. We also offer Shopify theme design and customization and WooCommerce theme design and customization for eCommerce website design projects with limited budgets.
  3. UI/UX design of iOS and Android mobile applications.
  4. UI/UX design for custom software / enterprise software / intranet portals.
  5. Rapid UI/UX design and prototyping for proof of concept for well funded startups.

What web development technologies do we have expertise in?

As a full service web design agency we offer high-quality web development, mobile application development and progressive web apps development services to complement our team’s amazing web design and UX designs. You can safely count on us for bug free and highly functional coding for frontend and backend systems to complete the experience of your digital products.

Over the years we have assembled together a very capable and growing team of web developers, software developers and test engineers that you can hire for fixed scope projects or staff augmentation needs. In short, if there’s a technology that you wish to be used for your project, trust us, we have already mastered it.

Some of our key offerings are:

  1. Front end development
    • HTML5 developers
    • CSS developers
    • Javascript developers
    • Node.js developers
    • React.js developers
    • Vue.js developers
    • jQuery developers
  2. Backend development
    • PHP developers
    • Linux developers
    • Laravel developers 
    • SQL developers
  3. eCommerce development for e-Commerce theme and plugin customizations, and custom eCommerce solutions
    • Shopify developers
    • WooCommerce developers
    • Magento developers
    • BigCommerce developers
  4. Content management systems (CMS)
    • WordPress theme developers
    • WordPress plugin developers
    • Headless CMS developers for custom development
  5. Mobile Apps development
    • iOS developers
    • Android developers
    • Swift developers
    • Python developers
    • Java developers

What process do we follow as a UI/UX design and web design agency?

At the heart of our design philosophy is this principle of iterative process that we adhere to with the aim to achieve perfection or what’s closest to it. That, and an innate creative approach have helped us sync naturally with projects of any kind and size. To ensure a successful UX design project, we follow a UX design process that’s not any different from the usually practiced processes and it looks somewhat like this:

Discovery Interviews / Workshops

The most effective way to kickoff a project is by organizing a UX discovery workshop and/or interview with you, where we assimilate all project scope documentation, interview stakeholders, understand your requirements, share thoughts and conduct in-depth research to start planning our steps. Our designers will collaborate with stakeholders to review the current design/product, scan the problem areas and zero in on areas that need enhancement. A detailed research and analysis of your biggest competitors, their approaches and popular UI/UX trends fall next in line, as we begin our alignment towards a common goal, which is a successful brand.

Digital Strategy & Planning

This is that part where every step will be a carefully laid plan backed by a digital strategy that stands on all the results from our in-depth research. Nothing will be left on guesswork or hunches, as we’ll adopt an iterative approach to implement the best of UX elements like accessibility, usability, wireframe, IxD and user persona for your product. Every technical touchpoints will be documented before the conceptualized idea is shared with the stakeholders for approval. With the concept getting approved, we make way for the next step - designing the product.


Empathy is a key emotion that helps us understand people better, and we’re a stickler for it when it comes to designing a product for your target audience. So, once your team approves our UI/UX design concept, we get down to designing it right away, all the while following the approach of design thinking to come up with a product that your consumers will truly love. With a user persona in sight, we draw flowcharts, wireframe, prototype, test, QC and repeat until we get it right. The next step is the design handoff to the developer team, with a master handoff document that elaborates key details like mockups, design specs, downloadable assets, interactions from IxD and the design checklist.


With the design guidelines provided by the designers now in hand, our developers start coding feverishly, aided by the best technologies to offer you a product that is scalable, cross-platform functional and that supports third-party API integration. The product is then sent to your team of designers and developers for quality analysis before it’s finalized.


The final product past development stage, we send it through an elaborate usability testing process that involves data analysis, bug reporting, recording user response and making recommendations for improvements if required. Once we have ironed the creases to arrive at a bug-free and complete product, it goes through a final quality check before being sent to you for your approval.

What makes 0707 different from other web design and UX design agencies and companies?

The web design industry is a crowded space, not just in Manhattan, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area or the rest of the USA, but all over the world. And to be honest, it’s not at all easy to stand out when there are so many award winning web design agencies to compete with. But then, we never liked taking the easy way out anyway.

What sets apart 0707 Inc. from other web design agencies is our relentless drive for perfection, not just in creating world class designs but being able to capture the very essence of your brand in the design. It’s not just the design though, that we excel in. We have a bustling team of highly experienced and talented designers, developers and strategists ready to take on any challenge, guided by our seasoned showrunner and serial entrepreneur of a founder. To cut a long story short, you will be in good hands from the moment you reach us for consultation to the moment we deliver the project.

How do we ensure and maintain project confidentiality?

We don’t just safeguard your idea, but your IP as well. Even before we sit down for the very first consultation, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), statement of work (SOW) or an MOU to guarantee the confidentiality of our discussions. This way we make sure that whatever you share with us stays safe and protected.

We deploy a series of tools like access control, hardware firewall, version control and other domain security applications to protect you from IP infringement. We take the security of our clients' project assets very seriously, which is how we have managed to successfully fend off every malicious attack in all these years.

What are some of the key industries and locations that 0707 focuses on?

0707’s globally networked team supports clients with diverse industrial backgrounds not just in the US but all over the world. However, even though we serve clients in all major markets across the US and globally, there are three marquee industries and geographical locations that we like to put special focus. This, of course, is because of the fact that a large concentration of our consistent and valuable clients hail from these locations:

  1. Greater Philadelphia Area - Healthcare
  2. Manhattan, New York - Retail, Finance
  3. San Francisco Bay Area - Technology

1. The healthcare industry in the Greater Philadelphia area is one sector that we give particular attention to. With health workers fulfilling their duties selflessly in the frontline against COVID-19, it is our modest endeavor at 0707 to serve those that we feel we should really be grateful to. And the Greater Philadelphia area being our backyard, this is where we start our contributory efforts, rolling out our best efforts - creative, technological & strategic - to let them know that we’re proud of them and humbled by their sacrifices.

2. We set our sights keenly on mid-level and enterprise level retail and finance companies in the Manhattan, New York area. We believe these crucial economy steering industries can benefit a great deal from our UI/UX and web design services, with the astute knowledge that our strategists have in these markets to guide our designers. We have the know-how and the technology to deliver world-class end user experience to retail companies and chains, both online and brick-and-mortar, in Manhattan.

As a boutique design and digital agency, our creative activities are just what mid-market companies and enterprises in the financial and retail business industries need to boost their business. We are a fully-equipped digital agency offering end-to-end services, which means we offer everything from UI/UX design, web design & development, mobile & web app development, custom software development and branding to marketing strategy and maintenance.

3. Our focus clients in the San Francisco Bay Area are primarily tech startups and enterprises that we are always eager to lend our expertise to. We like to identify as a UI/UX & web design agency agency that is perfectly qualified to support tech startups looking at making a big splash with their product design and development, whether it’s a mobile app (iOS, Android), a web app or even a software. Ours is an eclectic team of professionals proliferate at their jobs and resolute in their professional sincerity, aided with the best technologies to handle the most complex of projects for tech enterprises. Get in touch with us today if you’re a tech startup or enterprise from San Francisco looking for UI/UX design, web design & development, branding and marketing consultation services.

With us, you will get everything under the same roof so you don’t have to seek out specific agencies for micro support. Get in touch with our consultants today to find out what your business could be missing out on to achieve better results.