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Goals & Services

Webex Ahead sought to bring in knowledge & resources from the erudite to everyone in an inclusive collaboration. We were entrusted to build an accessible platform to that end. So, we gave them a robust website, minimal and user-friendly in design but stable to handle peak traffic.

The Scenario

Webex had a responsibility to fulfil and we had a reputation to maintain. The construction of a website that would be a prelude to the yet to unfold intricacies of a new-age work culture was where the twain could meet. Needless to say, the website had to be a design and engineering marvel, featuring technologies that were as modern and valuable as the mission of Webex itself.

The Solution

As a single-minded community at 0707, we’ve always believed in and endeavored towards bringing about transformation for our clients, no matter the industry they were in. This project was therefore extra special for us, considering the fact that Webex was walking a similar path in their mission to transform the lives of people they touched. Our designers and engineers had already proved their mettle in previous projects where they had to display their precious skills while handling various complexities with confidence and poise for successful handovers every time. This project wasn’t any different for them either.

Unraveling layers of insight to breach the limits of human potential

In fact, our collaboration with AKQA and Webex’s internal design team on the UX design was typically in the very lines of the concept that was ‘Ahead’. And the engineering of the Webex Ahead WordPress website being completed in four weeks flat is exactly the sort of positive result that the platform seeks to achieve - connecting people and bringing out the best in them.

The collaboration between the people involved in the project was a symbiotic relationship, the results of which spilled out onto a topnotch website replete with just the cognizance that the intellectually curious would seek out. Minimalistic, high on 'White Space' and extremely user-friendly, the website was a manifestation of a mutually held-on to principle that less is more, especially when what’s on offer are exactly what users want, and nothing irrelevant.

Webex Thought Leadership

Webex Thought Leadership is a one-of-its-kind initiative born out of an altruistic desire to create a futuristic work culture that would greatly benefit corporate honchos, trainers, co-workers and educators alike - basically anyone who wished to receive (and even share) knowledge and resources, but were unsure of the credibility of the platforms available on the internet that were awash with obfuscation.

Naturally speaking, a mission as innovative and momentous as the thought leadership is, the stakes were pretty high, requiring the collaboration of visionaries whose contributions toward its success would be paramount. A meeting of spirited minds did ensue to create a remarkable, all-inclusive/hybrid work environment that would be based on pure innovation and knowledge, ultimately leading to the birth of Webex Ahead.

Webex Ahead is actionable value at its best, pouring in from multiple thought leaders for a pragmatic influence on the lives of co-workers to culminate into a future of work environment. Anything that anyone wanted to know and understand vis-à-vis the multifarious facets of collaboration and communication, including cultural etiquette and technological know-hows could now easily do so thanks to Webex Ahead.

Nothing even remotely attached to this initiative had the garb of mere conjecture, as every bit of experience and information available for the users was based on pure data, leaving no room for misinformation in an apparent quest for excellence in knowledge.

Webex is looking at what's next and what's Ahead.

Ahead brings you thought provoking, data-backed information and experiences to educate and inform about the cultural, practical, and technological shifts in the way people communicate, collaborate, and come together.

0707's expertise has proved vital in the success of our thought leadership initiative. Their knowledge, quality and ability to deliver under aggressive deadlines is unparalleled.

Kris Rangarajan

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