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The TBA website suffered from obsolete code and lack of a tech team. So, we ended up in the dual roles of a consultant and a technical support team. We quickly replaced old code with new, stable code, changed the website's design and added fresh features & pages to it for better visibility.

The Body Agency

The Body Agency (TBA) emerged more as an initiative rather than a business idea, prompted by experiences that founder Kate Roberts had during her journey of about 25 years as a female health worker all over the world.

The glaring lack of access to health products and services that she witnessed in some countries, particularly in the area of sexual wellness, motivated her to attempt to bridge that gap through this very initiative.

Health & Empowerment for all women. Because they're worth it!

The Mission

The positive response gained by the initiative augmented the creation of The Body Agency Collective, a non-profit aimed at eradicating the stigma attached to sexual wellness through partnerships with various local bodies engaged in healthcare accessibility, education, job opportunities and medical innovation for women empowerment and gender equity.

Kate’s efforts in promoting women’s sexual health earned her the support of PSI, Melinda Gates and The Crown Princess of Norway in co-founding a $100M global philanthropic social enterprise called Maverick Collective. It also earned her several accolades, including Young Global Leader at The World Economic Forum (WEF), Founding Curator of WEF Global Shapers, Vogue’s 100 Top Women, and Fortune's Most Powerful Women.

The Body Agency partners with a broad collective of medical practitioners and experts for test and approval of female health products acquired from various parts of the world, which are then made accessible with support from consultants and coaches on how to use them properly.

The 0707 Approach

We approached the project with utmost delicacy, knowing very well the repercussions that could result from a website that was overtly commercial, yet not robust enough to handle the requests of millions of users who could benefit from it every day. The first task in redesigning the TBA website was to discard all the unnecessary code and replace them with fresh, stable code.

After redesigning the TBA website, including feeding new code and adding new features and web pages, we built The Body Agency Collective website on Shopify without moving to a new tech stack, fully aware that TBA would have to depend on our technical skills for lack of the same on their part. Post signing of a maintenance and support agreement, we straightway dove into handling their support requests, solving more than 200 over the last year.

Both redesign & new development were completed in four weeks, a personal best for us considering the immense responsibility placed on us. What we drove was a digital transformation high on both scalability and stability to accommodate the imminent growth that TBA is destined for.

A web design project close to our hearts, vehement supporters of women’s rights and empowerment as we are, we continue providing consulting, code maintenance and support, ever vigilant to ensure the websites are functional at all times.

TBA is out to change lives & perceptions

The Body Agency is empowering women globally in overcoming societal stigma that stifles awareness of sexual wellness and uniform distribution of health products. The initiative moves apace as support pours in, a new dawn breaking in the horizon.

Our e-commerce business wouldn't be the same without 0707. Their Shopify support plan cut our costs by half while adding more efficiency and reliability.

Tonya Steiner

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