Case Study

San Francisco, CA-based SigFig was formed in 2006 as a financial service startup whose shot to recognition rode on a portfolio tracking tool built to make wealth management easy for investors. Armed to the teeth with data science, design and technology, SigFig went on to provide reliable and secure automated financial counsel and intelligence to investors at all wealth levels to become the reputable industry experts that they are today.

With innovation and simplicity at the heart of their business principle, SigFig sought to harness the power of a technology that is customer-oriented in a bid to fulfil their vision of reinventing the financial services industry.

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Over the years, the software company for financial services has raised $119.5 million over 6 rounds of fundings from leading financial institutions like Eaton Vance, New York Life and UBS, besides high-ranking venture capital firms like Bain Capital Ventures, DCM Ventures and Union Square Ventures, which is a clear testimony to their unwavering efforts toward realizing their vision.

Growing at a rapid but steady speed, which only further cemented their reputation, SigFig has now set its sights on helping banks and financial institutions serve their customers better through SigFig Engage, a remote collaboration tool worthy of a dekko in this new world of digital-first banking and financial services.

Next-gen fintech to keep you 'healthy, wealthy & wise'. Well, almost!

The Scenario

With the attention of some of the leading names in the financial market now positioned on them, it was time for a rapidly expanding SigFig to up the ante with a corporate website that would befit its industry reputation. The website had to be design-rich, technologically adaptive and filled with valuable information (remember their methodology?). And all of these in the quickest time possible.

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The Solution

We love the prospect of receiving new challenges to keep the creative machinery running at all times in our 0707 family. Naturally, the opportunity to create a custom corporate website for a company of SigFig’s caliber was quite perfect for us and we relished every moment of it, including learning and adapting to a new CMS - Netlify (Thanks SigFig).

Fast-forward to a few quick decisive rounds of interviews and team meetings, and we got down to the task of engineering the headless CMS architecture with React at the front-end and Netlify at the backend. Wading on uncharted waters, we adapted fast to a never-before used framework to keep the project on track, while guiding the client to adapt to the new technologies at the same time.

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Interestingly, learning was a mutual experience that the teams on both sides were rewarded with through this partnership, made quite pleasant by the well-rounded Kyle Hietala, who led the SigFig team from the front, every bit of a leader and professional that we hoped him to be.

It took 45 days of an enriching collaboration between the respective design & engineering teams of SigFig and 0707 to come up with a website that both parties were equally proud of. Not just because of a project that was wrapped up in record time, but also for what came out of it - a world-class corporate website that checked out on all levels of expectations - both the client’s and ours.

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No one should get ripped off by a big-name agency when a truly client-centric team at 0707 is available at a fraction of the cost and a multiplier of the value.


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