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Voicea's AI-powered voice assistant could give a new meaning to meetings, but fell short of a marketing platform. We rushed in with a customized solution that included email marketing automation, performance analytics, lead capture forms and custom themes to draw real customer insights.

The story of Voicea is very inspiring. As a technology startup that was founded in 2016, San Francisco-based Voicea showed great promise in artificial intelligence (AI) and voice collaboration technology.

This culminated in the creation of EVA, an AI-based enterprise voice assistant that could record, transcribe and take notes of all the important points/decisions discussed in a meeting.

EVA’s role as a meeting facilitator would guarantee increased productivity by removing the burden of remembering every little detail discussed in the meeting, thus simplifying conversations that can otherwise be quite stressful.

On a mission to make life at work simpler, one meeting at a time.

The Challenge

In April 2018, Voicea acquired Dubai-based Wrappup, the creator of a meeting facilitating app by the same name with intelligent voice recording abilities.

Spurred into action by the acquisition, Voicea made a breakthrough with EVA about six months later, intending to change the collective mood during meetings forever.

As revolutionary as their product was, Voicea needed the perfect platform for EVA to be taken seriously through a marketing standpoint, and fast.

Our solution

We joined hands with Voicea in early 2019 and landed on our feet running to keep up with the need of the hour – a website befitting EVA’s brilliance to be ready for launch ASAP.

We began by consulting them on UI/UX design to build a custom website, besides theme customization and backend engineering to power up the website within the stipulated target period. This was followed by content management system (CMS) engineering through WordPress backend configuration to make way for the landing page design and engineering for multiple marketing campaigns.

We foresaw the enormity of Voicea’s prospects, which prompted us to optimize the website with lead capture and salesforce integration as part of our workflow automation process.

Next up was email and newsletter design and coding before we set up Sendgrid Email Marketing Automation to amplify the marketing campaigns.

Time was of essence and we pulled out all the stops to get the website up and running way before the projected timeframe, while providing website traffic analyses & performance improvements on the fly.

Working with 0707 on such an extensive project, with a ticking ‘timebomb’ over our heads, gave me a whole new insight on optimism. We got way more than our money’s worth.

Cory Treffiletti

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