Case Study

Founded in 2003, SkinSpirit was conceptualized to become the quintessential destination for skin and body aestheticism with completely natural-looking results.

SkinSpirit Logo

For over a decade, SkinSpirit’s treatments and products have been augmented by scientific research, cutting-edge technology and a burgeoning team of medical professionals to offer users a chance at feeling and looking their absolute best.

Currently operating out of 15 cities in five US states, their journey has only picked momentum even as they continue to grab attention with their services and gain newer clients. 

A holistic brand for people who believe beauty is more than skin deep.

The scenario 

SkinSpirit had an active team of medical professionals with expertise in diverse areas of skin and body treatments. What they were missing out on was a platform that was just as cutting-edge and scalable as their medical technology. That, and a brand-new website.

SkinSpirit UI/UX designs

Their goal was to reach out to maximum number of people across the country who could benefit from their services and products through a website that was dressed to impress. 

SkinSpirit UI/UX designs

The solution 

0707 moved in swiftly, fully prepared, with an approach that brought in all of SkinSpirit’s and its own necessary professionals together for the project to achieve optimal results.

SkinSpirit UI/UX designs

We adopted seamless UI/UX designs to best complement the rebranded version of SkinSpirit, while re-engineering the CMS (WordPress backend) for enhanced stability and security.


0707 made the heady tasks of online business easier by introducing lead capture and workflow automation, followed by the integration of an external booking system with SkinSpirit’s website.

SkinSpirit UI/UX designs

We didn’t just stop there. We provided (still do) valuable website performance analyses, digital marketing consulting and necessary improvements along the way. 

SkinSpirit UI/UX designs

Our collaboration with SkinSpirit continues to this day, as we provide ongoing designs and functionality updates, besides the customary website maintenance.

The collaborative journey with 0707 has been very enlightening and enriching for us and continues to be so. All of us worked together like one big team, bringing the best out of all the members involved and achieved great results. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend their services.

Allyson Campa

VP Marketing, SkinSpirit

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