What is 0707? The story behind our unconventional branding

Jan 4, 2021 - 6 Minutes read
What is 0707? The story behind our unconventional branding

The Beginnings

0707 isn’t just a name that resulted from a sudden stroke of creative impulse, nor was it a loose adaptation of any neo-cultural buzzword worth its salt as a social influencer. Rather, it came as an inspiration from a once-in-a-lifetime real life event and its surreal connection with a spiritual phenomenon.

Let me try to break it down in the form of a story. And in order to narrate the simple story behind 0707, we would have to take you on a journey way back to its entrepreneurial origins, to the time when it all began with an ambitious plan.

The inception of 0707 can be traced back to the year 2007, to the bustling Indian city of New Delhi, where a bright-eyed entrepreneur-in-the-making in his mid 20s who went by the name of Prateek Chandra decided to set up a design & marketing consulting firm. And set up he did, christening his entrepreneurial debut Avenues Consult.

Interestingly, it was right then that Prateek unknowingly set his course on a long but immensely enlightening journey that led him to this very moment. For setting up Avenues Consult really marked the beginning of some kind of mission as envisioned by Prateek, to share his knowledge on branding, digital marketing, web design & development and much more that he had been relentlessly acquiring along the way.

This was of course during a time when the digital advertising and marketing industry in India was still in its nascent stage. As the name suggested, Avenues Consult set out to offer consulting services to individuals and firms alike that wanted to gain traction in their business/profession by developing a brand that would stand out in the crowd.

Here is where the young Prateek experienced for the first time what it felt to help someone accelerate their business with his knowledge and skills. It was mixed feelings of achievement, ambition and a yearning for more knowledge.

The services that Avenues Consult offered were a heady mix of web design & development, branding, internet marketing, SEO/SEM/PPC, marketing collaterals (PRs, brochures, content) and so on - the handiwork of a small team of professionals quite as young as the founder himself, including yours truly. Clients belonged to an industrial multiverse, with players like technology, real estate, hospitality, legal and even audio engineering companies.

The Journey

Along this eventful journey, in 2012, Avenues Consult gave way to Bizezee Inc., a rebranded and refurbished version of it that put focus on cloud business applications tailor-made for mid-size and enterprise level businesses. It was a move that was suggestive of its synchronization with the evolving technology and times.

A page off the old book, Bizezee sought to narrow the gap between businesses and their target consumers by bringing them together online through meticulous planning and cleverly laid design & marketing strategies. That, and all the relevant technologies useful in the mission that anyone can acquire and master.

From pushing site & page rankings higher to branding, brand management, digital marketing, web design & development and maintenance, Bizezee did it all and impressed quite a few clients off their socks as well.

However, despite having achieved quite a feat, Bizezee simply happened to be just a stepping-stone in the journey that eventually led to yet another exercise in rebranding, Prateek’s magnum opus that went on to be named 0707 Inc.   

Which is where I’d like to return to the story behind the unique name and put some of those burning questions to rest now.

What is 0707? Why such an unusual name? What transpired in Prateek’s mind - or rather his life as it is in this case - to name it thus? Also, how exactly is it any different from other agencies with a not-so perplexing name?

And to that end we would like to take another detour, albeit a short one, as we delve into the now lesser interesting areas of numerology and divination, while simultaneously taking care not to lose focus on what we do.

You see, 0707 was conceptualized in 2019 out of a burning aspiration, its flame stoked by a tryst with nothing less than destiny itself. And destiny it was that Prateek’s daughter was born on the same date as his birth date – the seventh day of the seventh month or 07/07 to be precise.

Now this event could have been easily brushed away as a happy coincidence apt for Facebook photo ops and jolly birthday parties. But the deeper meaning behind this combination was too important to ignore for Prateek.

For the uninitiated, 0707 is a divine number that is said to be sent down by your angels as a sign that positive changes are headed your way and your problems will soon be a thing of the past. The number 7 symbolizes inner-wisdom, research and psychic abilities, while the number 0 symbolizes new beginnings, eternity and completeness.

People born under the number 0707 display great energy coupled with highly sociable traits and the urge to learn new things, while constantly endeavoring to bring change in their lives and in those around them. As things started getting better after his daughter’s birth, and with a good deal of research, Prateek managed to put the pieces together and finally understand what he had to do.

Our aspiration is to create a company whose core values would mirror the qualities of the angel number 0707, with Prateek at its helm and a team of dedicated professionals playing their role of “angels” to provide solutions and support to clients and stand by them at all times.

0707 Inc is primarily a UX/UI and web design agency powered by an eclectic mix of highly skilled professionals from all over the world. As a remote first design agency, 0707 has carefully assembled some of the brightest and most promising designers, developers and content creators from different parts of the world to jack up to a truly global design and engineering company that specializes in digital transformation.

A suite of eCommerce software add-ons and tools for Shopify and WooCommerce under the umbrella brand “0707 Commerce” is just one of the many things that we are developing towards this aspiration even as I write. Some of the accomplishments of 0707 include:

  • Successfully built a Salesforce like cloud solution for lead management in 2009.

  • Successfully built a mobile ordering system in 2011.

  • Built a real estate management cloud application that’s being used by some of the largest real estate management companies today.

  • Built over 200 custom websites for multiple industry-based clients till date.

Brainstorming sessions ensue at feverish pace to come up with more and better solutions so you can do business without fear, including a super-charged website builder called SuperSites, which is our latest offering in the making. We are still a handful of professionals spread out globally – but growing nonetheless – that believe in the idea of quality over quantity and remain dedicated to our goal.

A fully remote design agency since 2017, 0707 Inc. is here to help you achieve bigger and faster results for your business, whatever the industry it belongs to. Reach out to us with your digital experience needs and we will be happy to set up a tête-à-tête with our professionals to transform your digital presence forever. After all, it’s just all in a day’s work for us.


Manab J Kharkatary