Data7: The headless CMS crafted for all projects

Jan 5, 2021 - 3 Minutes read
Data7: The headless CMS crafted for all projects

Content management that packs a punch

Introducing a power-packed data management platform that has been thoughtfully developed to do all the delicate & strenuous work without slowing down the processing speed. Through Data7, we seek to offer our enterprise clients with customized and scalable data solutions no matter how big or complex the project in hand.

Bold statement for an entrant, but ours is a jacked up version of Directus in the form of a custom suite that we’ve carefully built to adapt to the varying needs of different business categories and sizes. Intimidating as it may sound, however, getting accustomed to our CMS is actually quite easy to master, as you’ll find out once you start using it.

We’ve built our REST & GraphQL API to run on Node.js environment, allowing you to synchronize your existing or new SQL database with our CMS with the aim to facilitate seamless real-time data across multiple platforms. Data7 offers you a fully controllable and intuitive schema to organize your data better and clutter-free so you can revisit them easily without fumbling around for what may be feared lost.

Feature-packed self-hosting software

We have packed our software with a ton of features to make data management a walk in the park for everyone, including CMS admins, developers, project managers and content creators. Here’s a look at some of the top features, even as we continue programming in the shadows to come up with more improved ones regularly.

Seamless content management

  • Filter tool for easy and quick search of the content you’re looking for among hundreds in your database
  • Easy management of pure SQL database content, including content portability through data export and backup feature
  • Data archiving option to store away content that you may need later, instead of deleting and losing them forever
  • Multilingual feature for easy translation of your content into over 20 languages so your business can truly go global
  • Review content on your directory website before going live through preview feature

Customize as you want

  • Choose a theme that best reflects your business from an extensive, and growing, library
  • Configure the CMS settings to best suit your project
  • Arrange your content by categorizing them the way you want
  • Assign preferred user access rights to protect valuable data

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Easy & quick data extraction through data scraping
  • Image & video uploading/editing within the admin panel
  • Nestable folder support to create subfolders within folders

Data access & security management

  • Two-factor authentication for full protection of all digital assets
  • User-data access restriction/limitation via granular permission
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for secure user authentication and access to multiple applications

Single platform, endless possibilities

Data7 is lean but powerful, very user friendly, fully customizable to suit your business needs and protection enhanced. For more information or, better still, a personalized tour of Data7, reach out to our sales team for a demo today.

Meanwhile, keep watching this space for more upcoming updates that will be rolling out from time to time.


Prateek Chandra