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Case Study

Future of Work (FOW)

Cisco Webex comes across as an inherent business wing of Cisco that gained much traction in the current environment of the coronavirus. With remote working inching slowly towards the new normal, the Future of Work (FOW) initiative became the most discussed topic on the collaborative table, and Cisco Webex wanted to be a part of it in every way possible. 

As a result, the idea of FOW soon took shape of a thought leadership that could assist enterprises through knowledge and counsel on best practices for future of work navigation, something that becomes even more imperative during these pandemic times.

Getting future-ready wasn’t just an option. It was the need of the hour.

The scenario

Being the revolutionary concept that the Future of Work (FoW) is, getting it across to the world became more so important, almost of a mission, in fact.

Cisco FOW Logo

With a fresh look for a fresh service that still resonated the core brand principles of Cisco, a thought leadership website that could cover ground in bringing together prospective customers to the discussion table became essential.

Cisco Fow Home Page Design

That being said, the website needed to look like a publication channel for Cisco, but with a difference. The challenge we were facing was tough, considering FoW was a concept developed during pre-COVID-19 times and we had to adjust with the times plus the business requirements, a situation that 0707 was incidentally all too familiar with. 

The solution

Considering the size and scale of the project, we quickly set up a team of UI/UX designers, web designers & developers and marketing experts, with 0707’s founder himself personally involved to provide necessary guidance.

Cisco FOW Design System

The project started off with a consultation with the client’s marketing team to understand their requirements and vision vis-à-vis the site design. With our homework from the consultation done, we went about to create UI/UX designs that would optimize the website for the new future of work initiative. 

Cisco FOW Designs

We gave the site a jig by engineering a WordPress Backend content management system (CMS) to provide a backend architecture that would not only be scalable but would also allow seamless content contribution from all authorized personnel.

Cisco FOW Responsive designs

Addressing the need of the hour during the pandemic, a key focus was to impart thought leadership through various digital events, where we did some innovative design & engineering for webinars & events enabling online registrations, live streams and on-demand event recordings.

Cisco FOW Event Landing Page Design

One of our contributions to the project, which we particularly take pride in is the UI/UX design and backend engineering for the Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool, a survey-based tool that would assess the progress of a business in transforming its workplace for the future. 

Cisco FOW Maturity Calculator

Finally, it was time for the crescendo, which was swiftly taken care of through email and newsletter design and coding to provide flexible and consistent experiences for marketing broadcasts. 

0707’s partnership with Cisco Webex has been very invigorating, as we joined heads and overcame challenges to grow together. Our association continues as we take care of complete website maintenance and Google Cloud infrastructure management for them. 

0707 Inc came to us highly recommended by Voicea (our recent acquisition) and they lived up to our expectations like a breeze. Their knowledge and commitment to the project made it a whole lot easier for us to achieve what we have achieved today. No stones were left unturned to make this project successful and the result is there for all to see. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Aruna Ravichandran

CMO, Webex

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